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A Little About Our

Bagel Journey

You may have heard that you cannot get a good bagel outside of the New York area. There is something about New York water, so it’s impossible to make a good bagel anywhere else. We heard that too and the lack of traditional New York style bagels in Charleston seemed to confirm it.

A few years ago, we began to question this widely accepted belief and set out to determine if we could make authentic New York style bagels in Charleston. We experimented with the dough, the fermentation process, the alkalinity of the water, and every other variable we could think of. And we succeeded in making great bagels using Mt Pleasant water. In fact, we succeeded using any water we tried. New York may be the greatest city on earth, but their water is just plain old water. We learned that what was really important was using quality natural ingredients without harmful artificial additives and an adherence to a time consuming and exacting process with no short cuts or compromises.

We hope you will agree that we make the best bagels in the Charleston area. Don’t settle for bagels made without following all the steps required to make a good bagel or bagels shipped “fresh” from New York that are loaded with chemicals. Try our all natural, freshly made, traditional New York style bagels.

Ruby's New York Style Bagels is the creation of Joe Harvey and Kevin Roach, along with their wives Denise and Gail. Kevin and Gail moved to Mount Pleasant in 2016 after spending their lives in the Northeast. After Kevin's bagel making hobby expanded to the point where it was clear that he wasn't the only one in the Lowcountry looking for a good bagel, he began talking to his long-time friend about partnering on a bagel shop. Kevin recognized that it's one thing to be able to make bagels, but it is far more complicated to produce them on a scale to support the demand he foresaw and to be able to offer a full menu of sandwiches and coffee drinks. Joe and Denise own several successful coffee shops throughout the Northeast, including Kevin and Gail's favorite in Madison, Connecticut. We have selected some of our favorite items from those coffee shops and now offer them on what we believe to be the best bagels in the Charleston area. Joe and Denise now call Mount Pleasant home as well.

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