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Bagels & Spreads


We bake our bagels fresh all day long. We use only unbromated and unbleached flour in our dough. There are no chemical additives. Our dough is fermented for over 24 hours to bring out the best flavor. Our bagels are kettle boiled and baked to a shiny, golden perfection, with a crunchy exterior and chewy center.

We will offer over 20 varieties each day. Our most popular will be offered every day, while we will mix in other variations decided on a day to day basis. Let us know if you have a favorite that isn't listed below.



Plain • Everything • Salt • Sesame • Poppy 
Bloody Mary • Egg • Egg Everything
Garlic • Onion • Cheddar/Bacon/Habanero • Cheddar

Swiss • Sun-Dried Tomato Asiago • French Toast • Cinnamon Crunch

Chocolate Chip Sea Salt • Cinnamon Raisin 

Pumpernickel • Pumpernickel Everything

Gluten Free

Other varieties offered daily.

We do not make our own Gluten Free bagels. We believe that it would be impossible for us to prevent cross-contamination, so we have chosen to resell commercially available GF bagels.


Cream Cheeses


Plain • Vegetable • Scallion • Bacon Scallion • Olive
Jalapeno • Jalapeno Cheddar

Maple Walnut Raisin • Very Berry • Oreo


Other Spreads


Peanut Butter • Honey Butter • Strawberry Jam
Raspberry Jam • Blueberry Preserves
Grape Jam • Nutella • Butter • Whitefish Salad

Egg Salad • Tuna Salad • Pimento Cheese

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